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Lausanne's first dog hotel & daycare that's designed for dogs who need gentle and loving care while their owners travel and work.

Imagine a place where you can leave your dog while you're busy, without any worry 

A place where your dog's individual needs are respected, where they get to happily and safely socialise with other dogs and humans, while also getting mentally, sensorially & physically stimulated.


A place where booking a spot is easy, the staff is friendly, flexible & english-speaking, the hours are convenient... and that's actually in Lausanne.​


That's Woofy, for members-only. 

Designed for dogs, made easy for humans


Custom activities for each dog's unique personality

Daily mental,  physical and socialisation activities to stimulate your dog, with cuddles of course! 


Professional space that's
practically in Lausanne 

Location that's easy to access and a customer support that is proactive, helpful and english-speaking.


Everything managed online, even last minute bookings

All bookings and payments online with last minute spots always available for busy humans. 

About us

My name is Melis and my dog is Cognac 

"I couldn’t find professional dog care services that were gentle enough for Cognac and high quality enough for me. So I decided to create it myself..." 

Melis and Cognac.png


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/wʊf/ noun 

1. The sound that a dog makes when it barks

2. A nickname to refer to a dog 

[Informal] "Where is my woof running to?"


/wʊf-y/ noun 

1. The most loving hotel & daycare for dogs
[Informal] "My woof gets so much love at Woofy" 
2. A community of happy dogs & dog lovers

What does Woofy mean?

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