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Our Unique Concept

Unlike other dog kennels, Woofy has 4 experience rooms designed to enrich your dog in different ways, for their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. These rooms are called Playroom, Forest, Garden and Lounge.  

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The Lounge

Relaxation & Soothing

With lots of comfortable beds and surfaces, the Lounge is a calming environment to help dogs relax and decompress.  

The Garden


With a cosy setting, the Garden is dedicated to facilitate positive socialisation between dogs and humans, with lots of cuddles and snacks.

The Playroom

Physical Stimulation

Agility installations and lots of toys adorn the Playroom to motivate physical movement and interactive play

Sensorial Enrichment

Equipped with different textures and smells, the Forest is designed to promote mental and sensory stimulation in dogs.

Full Woofy experience

During every visit to Woofy, your dog will have

  • A full rotation across our 4 Woofy experience rooms

  • Play and enrichment activities adapted their unique personality and needs

  • Minimum 1 outdoor walk (+45 minutes) and multiple potty breaks outside

  • Cuddles and snacks guaranteed

Ongoing updates & support

Our team will be available via WhatsApp to:

  • Send you relevant information before your arrival 

  • Update you during the day with your dog's activities

  • Adapt drop-off and pick-up times 

  • Answer your questions & comments

Free rescheduling & cancellation

Manage your bookings online, with:

  • Free rescheduling up to 24 hours before booking

  • Free cancellation up to 72 hours before booking

Multi-lingual team

Easily communicate with the Woofy team in:

  • French & English

  • Italian, Turkish & German (depending staff presence) 

How does it work?

Joining the Woofy Members Club is easy. Simply follow the steps below, so that we can meet you and your dog.


Book a

Woofy Discovery 



Bring your dog to your Woofy Discover appointment


Get added* to the
Woofy Members Club and start booking

*Provided that your dog acclimates well to Woofy's environment and other dogs

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